I love Make Up. Not because it makes me feel like a million bucks (or ringgit, if you’re into specifics) but mostly, it empowers me to seize my day.

Carpe Diem. Seize the day.


All of us have different views on make-up. Some may say it’s necessary to look presentable, nice and approachable, less tired perhaps. Others may say that it ‘takes away’ the natural beauty of a person, making them dependent on make-up which will destroy every bit of their confidence without it.

No matter what your view is, it is hard to ignore the fact that make-up empowers its users, making them more confident of themselves than ever before, which for me is a positive thing.

I for one opt for a more natural make-up look as my day-to-day look – days when I have to meet people, not for a quick run to the kedai runcit. I’d put on minimal eyeshadows (natural tones or a faint black), just a tiny winged liner, mascara, eyebrows on and some colours on the lips.


Make-up is meant to enhance your features, not hide it.

Sometimes, I’d go wild and put on a bright-coloured lipstick when I feel least excited about my day because I know that it’s not how I feel about myself that changes my mood, but how others feel of me upon seeing me. Somehow or rather, putting on a bright-coloured lipstick on myself changes the mood that I surround myself in. I get positive vibes from people, which in turn, made me feel positive too. It’s like one of those colour therapy thing, I think.

Granted, not many women feel the need to wear make-up all the time seeing that they could use their precious time to do other more useful things. Fair enough. Count me in. I’m not crazy about make-up, but I do love me some make-up to play with!

Plus, it saves me a WHOLE LOT OF MONEY when it comes to events.

My make up during the masquerade ball back in college: I did this myself and saved RM50! (Bonus: That mask is only RM5.00 from Daiso!)
Did my own make-up for the character that I was playing during a musical that I performed in. I played the evil yet sexy Ursula.
Did my own make-up for the character that I was playing during my university-produced musical that I performed in. I played the evil yet sexy Ursula.
Halloween 2011.
Halloween 2011: I was a geisha with a sugar skull head. Confused much?

I read in an article once about this lady who worked from home and still put on make-up and nice clothes. It makes her feel presentable and ready to start the day, even if it was only at home. I find it extremely interesting when she said that her whole reason why she made herself look presentable is not meant for others to see, because there was nobody to ‘see’ her at home, but it is for her to feel more alive and ready for her to start her day, even if it means being at home while she’s at it.

I liked that idea a lot, however odd it may sound.

Make-up is a personal bond between you and it. It allows you to feel however you want to feel during the times you wish to feel however you would like to feel. (tongue twister much? Lol!)

I think it’s kind of like writing or blogging in general. Your need to have comments or likes should never outweigh your passion for writing, although however nice it is to have that bit of feedback.

You don’t have to have crazy skills to put make-up on yourself. Basics, is what I always tell myself. Know the basics. More importantly, actually owning some make-up would be a good start too! ;)


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