Movie Review: ‘Lars and the Real Girl’ (and comparison with ‘Her’)

This won’t be a long review and neither would it be a spoiler for you. (That rhymes!) Just a quick mention of this movie since I watched it yesterday and absolutely LOVED it!

Synopsis of Lars and the Real Girl:

The film follows Lars (Gosling), a sweet yet quirky, socially inept young man, who develops a romantic relationship with an anatomically correctsex doll, a “RealDoll” named Bianca, and the story of how his older brother (Schneider), his brother’s wife (Mortimer), and the rest of the small town grow to accept and welcome Bianca into the community for Lars’s sake, not realizing that she would touch all of their lives in such a profound way. (Source)

If you’ve watched Her before, ‘Lars and the Real Girl’ has a similar theme.

With ‘Her’, I felt a deep connection. I suppose it’s because growing up and not be a social butterfly other than with my own school friends prompted me to depend on the Internet for friends. I have found many friends online, very close friends. We would talk for hours, days, months, years and even develop deep emotional feelings for one another. However, distance made things impossible to pretty much do everything, anything.


‘Her’ explains the frustration of this inability to do things, physically anyway, with those whom you have connected with so much. It explores how one would  eventually have no choice but to live with it – or attempt to.

‘Lars and the Real Girl’ however pose a different concept of looking deeply into mental illness and how one projects themselves onto an object – in this case, a sex doll – and injected life to this doll that is not only believable to him but those around him too. The doll is a mere extension of him; an escape, if you may.

What I absolutely love about ‘Lars and the Real Girl’ is the fact that the movie has done a great job in investing its time to really make viewers understand the relationship between Gosling’s character, the doll and loved ones around him. Different from ‘Her’, ‘Lars and the Real Girl’ did not touch on anything sexual despite the doll’s main role as a sex toy, but in fact, portrayed it as being part of the community. By doing this, viewers then indirectly get used to the doll’s existence and thus, accept her and Lars’ relationship as being well, normal.


The movie breaks the stereotype and taboo of those with ‘interesting’ and varied fetishes and interests. Instead of focusing on the community being all weirded out by Lars, the movie brings viewers into Lars’ live and see things through Lars’ eyes.

Movie rating: 5/5

(Highest rating because I love indie movies and Ryan Gosling’s performance is amazing!)

Author: Jasmine

Jasmine is from tropical Borneo. She loves traveling, fashion and all things lifestyle.

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