20 things I learned from Tinder

A few months ago, I got out of a long term relationship. It took me another few more months before deciding that I should probably throw myself out there again.

Naturally, Tinder came into the picture. I’ve heard so much about it so I thought I’d give it a try. (Hey, why not!)

Here are 20 lessons that I’ve learned from using Tinder (in no particular order).

  1. Be careful what you write on your profile, your friends, colleagues or boss might come across it. Unless you’re traveling and Tindering, then who cares what you write on there!
  2. Not everyone takes Tinder seriously, so don’t get too bothered if they don’t reply you.
  3. It’s a pretty cool ‘dating’ app to vet out unwanted messages from weirdos or people you are not attracted to.
  4. It’s also a pretty cool app to use when to meet locals while you’re traveling. (I should use it when I travel tbh)

    Image from ‘What I Learned Tindering My Way Across Europe
  5. On that note, as a local, you get to meet travelers visiting your city (major plus to living in exotic Borneo). I love showing people around my city, plus, it’s always fun to hear their travel stories too.
  6. There aren’t many choices on Tinder in KK unfortunately. 3 swipes and you’re done for the day!
  7. Important Tinder lesson: Tinder, just like dating, is a game. So, don’t get too attached with anyone you meet there. You may potentially get hurt or disappointed and tbh, it’s not worth it.

  8. Just… PLAY.IT.COOL. Yes he’s hot, but don’t fully commit yourself to someone, it may come across as being weird or trying too hard.
  9. Protection is key (you know what I mean). Make sure you have your own too!
  10. PAY FOR YOUR OWN MEALS. It’s 2016! Who waits for a guy to pay for your food?? It may be a date, but nothing screams sexy than a woman taking care of herself! If he does insist on paying, then cool, if not, then you know what to do!
  11. Stop going out of your way to provide for them. You’re not their SO and you barely know them. Be nice and help out where you can, but don’t impose. They’re not your responsibility.
  12. Learn some valuable skills while you’re at it. Flirting for example (amongst other things) is a great skill to practice with your date.flirting_old_photo_600x369
  13. Yes, you can make friends through Tinder (eventually), but remember what Tinder is about. It’s first and foremost a hook up app and people who get on there may expect sex (spoiler alert!). Not all, but most do. So keep that in mind when your date pulls the whole “want to have some fun?”
  14. Getting matched with someone who is way out of your league isn’t too bad, especially if just like me, you’re shit at approaching cute guys in real life social settings.

  15. I’ve met some really cool guys on Tinder, many of which I’ve became good friends with and still keep in touch via social media.
  16. However, don’t get offended if someone does not want to keep in touch with you, even if both of you had a great connection. They have their reasons, I guess. It’s a shitty fact, but it happens.
  17. Getting ghosted or stood up is part of the dating/Tinder game and it sucks balls.


  18. You’ll definitely have some interesting Tinder stories to tell your friends – or date! Talking about them definitely makes a great conversation during the date.
  19. Always make your safety a priority. Whether you’ve known them for a day or a month, it’s still very important to put your safety a priority when you do meet them in person. You know how this goes – meet at a public place, tell people where you are at, give them emergency number etc. Safety first!

  20. Have fun! No experience is bad experience; everyone you meet, everything you experienced, it all contribute to you learning about yourself. I for one definitely learned a lot about myself and of others through this whole Tinder journey and that’s pretty awesome. (Lol at journey)

Do you have anything to put on the list? Share your thoughts by commenting below!

Till then, happy Tindering!


Author: Jasmine

Jasmine is from tropical Borneo. She loves traveling, fashion and all things lifestyle.

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