THIS BLOG SPARKLES acts as Jasmine’s little magazine/haven which comprise of issues (and rants) that she feels strongly about. What started as a blog that chronicles her life as a undergrad, slowly became an outlet for her (and her readers) to use as a mean to express herself whether intellectually, creatively or expressively; by expressive, she meant with regards to the ranting bit.

Don’t know where to start? Here are some personal favourites!

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Malaysians and accents.

A feel good post about loving your body and plus size fashion!

Faith, we all need it somehow.

A post on how I found out everything about a stranger on the Internet! Talk about being a major stalker!

How I survived my first ever international festival – RWMF – and my budget breakdown!

Things Malaysians should stop doing! – My post that went viral!

 + + + + + + +

What exactly makes THIS BLOG SPARKLES different from other blogs? Well, it’s frank, funny and relatable, and it’s all for you ;)


Sprinkle me

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