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Got a topic that you’d like me to talk about? Perhaps an event or product that you’d want me to review? Looking for a local tour guide during your visit to Sabah? Or just looking for a friend to chat with?

Whatever your reason may be, you are more than welcome to drop a quick hello!


My YouTube channel

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– Social media and online presence consultant
– Voice-over talent
– Article writer (travel, food, event and lifestyle, columns)
– Production manager/assistant (documentary or film shoot, theatre production etc)
– Translator (Print: BM – English – BM | Emcee or dealing with tourists etc: BM – English)

(Request for my resume via email)

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Are you looking for bloggers to write reviews on your products or events? I may just be your girl :) Below are some of the brands that I have proudly collaborated with. Click on their logos to be directed to my review!


Brands that I’ve collaborated with

Zalora Malaysia Imoney.myVolvo



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