Be a guest writer!

Do you want to be featured on This Blog Sparkles?

Do you have an interesting story or thought to share?

Do you want to get more hits on your blog?

Are you interested in writing but is not keen on keeping a blog? No time or discipline perhaps?

Is ‘This Blog Sparkles’ a perfect medium for you to express your thoughts on?

If you say yes to any of these descriptions, then I would love to offer This Blog Sparkles as a platform for you to contribute your stuff! :)

Here’s how you can contribute an article (or two):

  1. Write your article on a word document, notepad or attach it to your email.
  2. You may insert images/visuals to accompany your post (or I will help search for images for you). Images are a great visual break for your readers as they read your article.
  3. Write a short introduction of yourself (50 words or less) so that your readers would know you better. If you do not wish to reveal your real identity, feel free to create a pseudonym for yourself. (You may go through other guest writers’ posts for examples and inspiration)
  4. Choose a profile picture to accompany your introduction.
  5. Submit all of these to me via email. (My contact can be found here)

This Blog Sparkles welcomes all types of stories and articles! It can be anything and everything! Share with us your darkest desire, an embarrassing memory, your biggest secret, a movie review, a thought that you had while in the toilet and more!

Don’t worry about grammars or spelling mistakes, you have help you out with that ;) (not that I’m perfect with it or anything, but I’m not THAT bad!)

I can’t wait to read your stories and feature you on my blog!

Click here for posts by guest writers.


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