When your followers on Instagram are on private

When your followers on Instagram are on private


Getting a new follower on any of your social media sites is pretty cool! It means that your voice is heard and pictures are seen. It’s a great feeling to have someone willfully (and not forced or bribed) and genuinely be interested in your life.

Many of my social media stuff – Facebook, Twitter – are on private, but my Instagram (@jazzzmineking) and of course, blog, are very much public.

Last week, I sent a short audition video for a radio announcer search. That first video on why I should be a radio announcer garnered 90 likes (the most likes I ever had), kind comments from friends and strangers alike, and 10 new followers. It was wild and I thought it was pretty cool too.

I was excited to meet my followers and those who ‘liked’ the video. I wanted to know who they are and what they look like, perhaps know what their lives are like to as I thought it was pretty cool and kind of them to like and comment on my video and even followed me.

To my frustration, many of their accounts are private which kind of sort of sucked. I understood the relevance of keeping your social media private and I am all for privacy as I myself get pretty anal about privacy issues especially when it comes to the Internet (I don’t use my real name on Facebook too!), but personally, I was feeling pretty sad that I couldn’t stalk get to know my followers while they enjoy getting glimpses of my life.

But hey, good on you for keeping your accounts private and for your friends and family’s eyes only!

I just wished that Instagram would give us ‘followee’ like a 24 hours free pass to visit our followers’ private accounts or something. That would be pretty cool! I would love to get to know some of my followers! But hey, that’s just me.

Tell me I’m not the only one feeling this!


Waking up after a good dream

Waking up after a good dream


We all had good dreams before. Sometimes, we remember it and most of the time, we don’t, but that happy feeling stayed and that’s a good feeling.

The best dream I had and one that I remember more than 10 years on – albeit romanticized now I would imagine – is me meeting Westlife. That was perhaps when I was 11 or 12 years old? The dream was insane and I loved every bit of it! I dreamt that I met them and we exchanged phone numbers. I was holding on to the paper with the number before it tragically flew away from my hands.

That was when I woke up.

I was so devastated when I woke up that I forced myself to sleep instantly, thinking that I could delve back into the dream again and continue it; perhaps stopping the car and running back again to ask for their number or get a quick peek at what the number was. However, dreams don’t work that way because I ended up sleeping in a dreamless sleep (or perhaps I did dream of something but couldn’t remember any of it).

I wish there was a way for us to make our dreams a reality – voluntarily of course, I wouldn’t want my nightmares to come to life. Yikes! Or at least, let us continue with that happy dream after a sudden waking up. “Let me sleep, let me sleep, let me sleeeeeppp!!!!!” I told my brain following the Westlife dream. *laughs*

I had a really weird but nice dream today though. I dreamt that I was forced to marry some guy as my parents have already paid his parents for my hand in marriage – I am assuming that he is hopeless in the love department. He turned out to be a really nice and sweet guy. Me forcing myself to love and care for him ended up with me actually loving and caring for him. It’s a weird situation to be in but it felt good for some reason. I’m sort of smiling at the thought of it. I don’t know how perfume went into the mix, but I dreamt of smelling his cologne as I pecked him on the neck.

Anyway, that dream left me with a feel-good feeling and that’s a really nice feeling to have!

I wish all dreams are like that!

The complicated reality of the past.

The complicated reality of the past.

I had a sort of aha moment a few months ago that sort of made me sad, to be honest. It’s nothing great or anything, my ah-ha moment. Actually, I suppose many of us do think about it occasionally but rarely ponder on it deeply.


Finishing university was a scary yet exciting time for me. I was ready to carve my future and made sure decisions I made would be histories that I would be proud of in the future. I wanted to be in so many shoes but was so afraid to path my way to wear them that I occasionally opted for other options instead. Plans changed last minute, but so far, things are falling into place; not exactly, but at least it’s going somewhere.

My aha moment came when I realized how obsessed I became with creating a future for myself where my future FUTURE (yes, double) self would not regret (of my past). Does that make sense? And then it dawned on me that as much as I am given the opportunity to create my future and ultimately, ‘change’ it any time I want, I realized that I can’t change my past.

Such model, such wow.

I know what you must be thinking, “But isn’t that how it is though? We can’t change the past. That’s life’s basic rule, Jasmine.” And yeah, I agree but I never really pondered on that sad fact; that my past is fixed and everything that happened in it cannot be changed.

Like how I cannot change the fact that I quit Karate at 13 when I should’ve continued it maybe not as a career, but a form of work out. I cannot change the fact that I should have continued my Mandarin classes in high school so that it would be better, much better. I cannot change the fact that I would never be a daddy’s girl and would never know what that means or how that is because our past disabled us of such relationship, but that’s okay because we have each other and that’s all that matters.


There are just so many things in the past that made you, well, you, and you wonder what will happen if you tweak certain things in your life, what or how would you be today?

I do, anyway.

Self discovery means throwing yourself everywhere.

Self discovery means throwing yourself everywhere.

Okay so, I have 4 jobs now.

Yes, FOUR. How? Why? Well, I think it has a lot to do with me trying to not freak myself out as much for not knowing that I want to do in life.

People say you tend to figure out about things after graduating from university. Sure, but not for everyone. For the most part, some of us are still figuring out and trying to see where we fit and stuff.

So how do you figure out?

...by drinking someone's overpriced drink? Perhaps!
…by drinking someone’s overpriced drink? Perhaps!

I believe in waiting for the next big thing to come knocking at your door, but don’t wait too long. Reality check, it may or may not come. Sometimes you get a big break, other times, you need to do a lot in order to get (and know) that big break. It’s better to go out there and find it, what I think.

For the second half of 2014, right after university, I was basically figuring things out. I was traveling a lot (‘traveling’ meant going back to my second home; KL – I was and still is based in KK) despite not having much money, though I saved as much as I can from my monthly pocket money thanks to my parents – less than RM300 a month. Other times when I’m back in KK, I would stay at home, a lot, and do the normal things that jobless people do – eat, sleep, rave, repeat.

Have you ever been so bored that you find posing with big ass fruits more exciting?
Have you ever been so bored that you find posing with big ass fruits more exciting?

When December rolled in and I basically still didn’t know what I wanted to do – I mean, I had an idea but you know, I wasn’t sure – I knew I had to start the new year with at least a paying job. So I managed to secure a part time job and one thing let to another, I now have 4 part time jobs that covers a few hours of my weekends and weekday nights. Pretty insane but pretty cool  too actually.

Now, whenever people ask me what I do for a living, I can proudly say I have 4 jobs; part time jobs, sure, but jobs. That’s always a great conversation starter, hah!

Bare in mind, if you do plan to have multiple jobs (part time or not), make sure you can keep up to it! I survived Week 1, so I guess that’s okay. (I GUESS!)

My 2015 resolution is ‘GROWTH‘.


Honestly, I don’t know what growth I am aiming for this year, but at least I am getting paid for it. Wink wink! Okay, bad example, but you know what I mean.

I am still new at this whole 4 jobs thing, but I’ve friends who were in the same boat as me and they pretty much threw themselves out there and one thing led to another, they found their ‘calling’ and the rest is history! It’s that snowball effect, you know. You start here, then you get to know some people, get into some things and liked it, pursue it further and make it into a passion. Now one of them earn a 5 figure income! WHOA!

It’s all about experimenting, people! Keeping things exciting ;)

"Look ma! I'm on a brochure!!" - A job in the marketing department of my university led me to be a talent scout for brochures to eventually be THE talent! Something to add to the resume eh!
“Look ma! I’m on a brochure!!” – A job in the marketing department of my university led me to be a talent scout for brochures to eventually THE talent! Something to add to the resume eh!

That nails tho! Hehe.

Anyway, wherever you are and whatever you do this point of your life, and no matter whether you’ve figured things out or have not, I wish you the all the best! 

It’s Christmasssss!!!

It’s Christmasssss!!!


Can you believe that it’s Christmas already and in 5 days, it’ll be a brand new year? Time passed by way too fast! Question is, how eventful has 2014 been for you and what do you look forward to in 2015?

But let’s not get all philosophical, it is after all only Christmas, not the New Years just yet!

Before all the “See you next year!” jokes come rolling in, I thought that I would share you some pictures of my from my very own Christmas celebration.

Hope you had a fun Christmas!!

Pinoy + Brunei Malay and Kadazan + Chinese + Sri Lankan.
The highly eccentric self-made gingerbread cookies!
My very very bad creation. Can you spot which is male and which is female? Hehe.
My sister has a thing for socks.
My sister has a thing for socks.
Christmas face on.
Kenyang face on.
With Roz. (PS: Can we just admire my hair for awhile!!!)
With Roz. (PS: Can we just admire my hair for awhile!!!)
Such model, such wow.
Such double chin, such wow.

With love,


The Art Factory 2014, Borneo’s First Arts and Craft Bazaar!

The Art Factory 2014, Borneo’s First Arts and Craft Bazaar!

Okay, here’s the thing… I rarely, if ever, blog about events on my blog, but I just HAD to talk about this one. Mainly because I am a sucker for promoting the arts and two, because I think this was such an amazing effort by the organizers; Centre for Arts and Design (CAD).

I have been to a lot of art bazaars in KL when I was still studying there and I love seeing so many wonderful creation by extremely talented people too. So imagine my delight when I knew about The Art Factory (TAF for short) happening in KK! Our very own arts and craft bazaar, how exciting!


I made a point to return back to KK (I was away for my trip to Indonesia and was contemplating on staying in KL longer after the trip) just in time for TAF because I just HAD to go to this really interesting (and exciting) event and boy, was it worth it!


Sure, in terms of number of vendors, it wasn’t a lot but the variety was there. From paintings to jewelry, unique bookmarks to terrariums, leather goods to henna tattoo; it was all too exciting! Although there were some ‘outstation’ vendors from Russia (artist and graphic designer Elena Kravchenko who is currently based in KL) and Korea (my friend Won of Glorious Won whom I met at the Asian Empowerment Conference two months ago!), many of the vendors are locals – Sabahans. I love that!

So many creative people came out to play and they’re all from home! I get so excited when I meet a fellow Sabahan at any arts and craft bazaar in KL but now that I’m home and meeting more extremely talented Sabahans, my heart is filled with pride :)

Side note: I know there are many creative and talented Sabahans out there, but due to lack of opportunities to feature their art, we barely see them! Hence why, events such as TAF is extremely important to help, let alone feature, all these talented artists doing their thing! Best of all, we get to own one of their own for our own personal indulgent! Hehe ;)

Beautiful pencil case bags!
Beautiful pencil case bags!
With artist, Lena of Elena Kravchenko and her husband.
With artist, Lena of Elena Kravchenko and her husband.
Admiring a ring made by my friend, Haizum of Bikin. That's my sister (in her printed skirt) choosing the perfect stone for her personalized ring by Haizum (in the beautiful colourful dress which she made herself!).
Admiring a ring made by my friend, Haizum of Bikin. That’s my sister (in her printed skirt) choosing the perfect stone for her personalized ring by Haizum (in the beautiful colourful dress which she made herself!).
Paintings done by artists Florence Wong
Paintings done by artists Florence Wong
With Haizum, an old friend and face behind Bikin :)
With Haizum, an old friend and face behind Bikin :) Did I tell you that she made that dress? YEP!

I had tons of fun there with my sister, Jacintha and friend, Rachel. Unfortunately, hunger got the best of us so we couldn’t stay any longer than we (well okay, I) wanted to so we had to leave within an hour of being there. Devastating, I know! But we did have tons of fun!

Here is the damage (albeit a very satisfying one!) for today. Hehe.

Jacintha, Rachel and my rings! Look how beautiful they are! And we all got to pick our own stones! Everything cost only RM15 too!!
Owl pins (RM5 each!), postcard with Lena’s painting (RM5), anklet with vintage bell (RM8) and ring from Bikin (RM15)! In total, RM38 for all. Not too bad!

If you haven’t gone to TAF just yet, fret not for you have today (if you’re reading this on December 14th, 2014 before 6pm that is!) to go! It’s from 10am – 6pm!


PS: Sorry for the poor quality images. My camera broke and phone cameras are pretty much hopeless too. Time for an upgrade! Anyone wants to get me a good camera or phone? Hehe.

Hello from Indonesia!

Hello from Indonesia!
New friend made during our hike at Batutumonga hill.

Hey guys!

Sorry for the lack of update lately. With graduation week followed by two weeks away in Indonesia, it’s almost impossible for me to keep up with my blog – let alone have you to keep up with me!

But as I sit here seeing my friends practice for our performance tonight, I can’t help but think about how I should SHOULD tell you guys what has been up.

GRADUATION – 23rd November

I finally graduated and a legit Bachelor of Arts graduate!



The day after my graduation, I had to go to the airport early in the morning for my big 2-week study trip to Indonesia – specific Makassar and Toraja in South Sulawesi!

‘In Search of Makassar & Toraja’ – 24th Nov to 7 Dec

It’s already towards the end of our journey and boy was it a great one! Some highlights during our trip.

I will hopefully get to talk more about my trip once I get hold of pictures. But for now, feel free to go through the links as well as our trip’s blog as a whole. There are TONS of really interesting posts there as well as daily videos for you :)

Here are some pictures so far!





Will update more soon! Till then, take care!!!