An Imagined Reality – #7 Tears, The Proof

To see one’s tears flowing freely is often an indication of seeing one being overwhelmed by blanketing sorrow and rolling sadness, a moment very much in the present yet sourced from either the fears of the past or the terrors of tomorrow. In the rare exception of seeing tears on the notions of glee and… Continue reading An Imagined Reality – #7 Tears, The Proof

Suicidal tendencies

Two people in my life have claimed their lives. I knew one of them personally while the other one is a brother of a friend; both of which took their lives by hanging themselves in their homes. One chose to hang himself at the balcony of his apartment so that people would know that his… Continue reading Suicidal tendencies

Why it is important to compliment yourself.

I love to compliment myself and I do think that I compliment myself way too much sometimes, not that it’s wrong or anything! In Bahasa Malaysia, we have this saying. “Masuk bakul, angkat sendiri.” Which translates to, “You get into the basket and you carry it (or rather yourself) by yourself”. Which, if you think… Continue reading Why it is important to compliment yourself.

The art of being different

You know what I want to be? I want to be those deep people whom you see in movies with their notepad and pen, sitting somewhere, just observing and drawing people or places. They seem so mysterious and intellectual, as if they know something about the world and we don’t. They are hard to figure… Continue reading The art of being different